• AnOxident balance, Daily Treatment Plan Pack

AnOxident balance, Daily Treatment Plan Pack

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The 4 medical device products which comprise the AnOxident balance range have been developed specifically to help diabetics protect their teeth and gums from excess levels of salivary glucose which are known to contribute to oral problems.

AnOxident balance is an innovative range of mouthcare products containing a patented, bio-similar complex; a unique combination of naturally occurring anti-oxidants, bio-active compounds vitamins and minerals to help correct imbalances in your mouth which could increase free radicals and cause unwanted plaque build-up. The products enhance and support your mouth’s natural defence systems, boost your anti-oxidant levels and form a barrier against the unwanted side effects of excess salivary glucose.

During the times when your mouth may be prone to certain deficiencies, AnOxident balance helps reinforce and support your saliva’s natural action, preventing the damaging effects of excess salivary glucose and free radicals by encouraging a micro-environment which favours the presence of healthy oral flora.


Step 1 Toothpaste

Brush your teeth twice a day for 2 minutes each time with AnOxident balance Toothpaste.
Then floss or use use interdental brushes to clean between your teeth.

Step 2 Oral Rinse

To maintain a concentration of active ingredients on your teeth and gums, rinse with AnOxident balance Oral Rinse instead of water.

Step 3 Oral Spray

Control the build-up of excess salivary glucose during the day with AnOxident balance Oral Spray in between brushings.

Step 4 Oral Gel

For ‘through-the-night glucose-control apply a thin coat of AnOxident balance Oral Gel to gums and tongue or under dentures before going to sleep.


Allergy Warning: Contains milk particles. See the package leaflet for further information.

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