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AnOxident balance Mouth spray

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Glucose barrier ORAL CARE AEROSOL with antioxidants 50 ml. 

Innovative, patented LF-NFQ® and DUOX system. Neutralizes the accumulation of glucose in the saliva caused by diabetes on the teeth and gums.

The oral spray is intended for anyone who consumes a sugary diet - children, adults and especially diabetics. The mineral-rich  composition helps to ensure the oral cavity and oral moisture, promotes oral health and comfort, as well as keeps the oral environment fresh. It is especially recommended to control excessive salivary glucose in the mouth in  diabetic patients. enriched with bioactive milk protein and plant extracts in combination with a clinically proven DUOX system. This unique product neutralizes the effects of excess saliva glucose on the teeth and gums during the day, increases the level of antioxidants in the mouth,  as well as prevents the formation of dry mouth, reducing the risk of periodontal problems associated with a high-glucose diet or diabetes.

Directions for use: Spray thoroughly on the gum surface and tongue as often as needed during the day . Can also be used as a daily mouth moisturizer for dry mouth.

Allergy Warning: Contains milk particles. See the package leaflet for further information.

Manufacturer: Taradon Personal Care, Luxemburg

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