• Protein Bar Fell FIT, coconut flavor

Protein Bar Fell FIT, coconut flavor

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Do you like sweet candy bars and you love the coconut taste, but are you worried about your body? You do not have to! Get the feel for FIT PROTEIN 35% protein bar. A solid portion of protein (35%), high fiber and only 1.8 g of sugar will make it a satiating and healthy snack alternative, right at any time of your day. A surprisingly crispy and at the same time soft consistency, as well as excellent taste will provide you with a pleasant experience. Bar will give you the energy you need to face the challenges and reach for your dreams every day!

  • 35% protein (muscle building, satiety, body weight control)
  • no added sugar (contains naturally occurring sugars 1.6 g in a bar)
  • high fiber content improves metabolism
  • casein provides a longer delivery time of amino acids and works anti-catabolic
  • Collagen strengthens the joints and skin
  • whey the source of the full amino acid profile
  • soy reduces the level of bad cholesterol and has anti-atherogenic effects
  • without trans fats

Ingredients: milk protein 22%, cocoa coating 19% [palm fat, thickener (polydextrose), milk protein 30%, cocoa powder 8%, emulsifier (soy lecithin), aroma, sweetener (sucralose)], sweetener (maltitol), humectant (glycerol), soy protein extract 8% (soy protein isolate), ground coconut 6%, collagen hydrolyzate, coconut fat, skimmed milk powder, rapeseed oil, water, emulsifier (soy lecithin), flavors, salt.

Allergens: contains milk, soy. May contain nuts, gluten, eggs.

Nutritional values ​​in 1 bar (40g): energy value 659kJ / 158kcal, fats 6.8g (including saturated fatty acids 4.9g), carbohydrates 11.2g (including sugars 1.6g, polyols 6g), protein 14g, fiber 2.6g, salt 120mg

Nutritional values ​​per 100g: energy value 1647kJ / 394kcal, fats 17g (including saturated fatty acids 12g), carbohydrates 28g (including sugars 4g, polyols 15g), protein 35g, fiber 6.5g, salt 300mg

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